Reseller MSP program

ESET's MSP program is easy, flexible and profitable.

The ESET MSP Program involves outsourcing deployment, management and support of ESET security software in business and home user environments.


Volume pricing policies We use tier pricing, and we invoice by fixed price for each tier – regardless of how many seats are actually used. In effect, the more licenses you sell, the better unit price you get. Smooth authentication and update procedures End users don’t need to insert usernames, passwords or any other license information. Activation and updating is handled automatically by the ESET MSP Platform, greatly improving the user experience. Easily add and remove licenses at will Add or remove seats or make other administrative changes in minutes without having to contact ESET. No more license files or credentials to update as ESET takes care of it, so you can take care of the customer. Prorated pricing within the billing month Add new seats on a daily basis and manage all end user licenses via the ESET MSP Platform interface. Each month, you are only billed for the exact number of seat-days used.
  • Update seat counts on a daily basis easily and silently
  • Flexible monthly billing based on real MSP licenses
  • Manage thousands of endpoints from a single console
For more information on the MSP program please download the MSP-Solution-Overview (pdf, 1,04MB) and contact us to discuss further.

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