ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server Core

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  • We strongly recommend you UNINSTALL any existing security software before installing ESET.
  • If you're upgrading to the latest version from an old version 5 or 6 we recommend uninstalling the old version first.
  • To download, select the file(s) you want from the list below.
NOTE: This product can be managed remotely using ESET Remote Administrator 5 or ESET Remote Administrator 6.
32bit installer
64bit installer
ESET File Security (32-bit) v4.5.13011.0 [52 MB]
ESET File Security (64-bit) v4.5.13011.0 [55 MB]
ManualsESET File Security - User Guide [1.70 MB]
System requirements
Processors supported:
Disk Space:
Operating Systems:
Intel or AMD x86-x64
44 MB
35 MB for installation plus additional disk space for temporary files
Microsoft Windows® Server 2008 R2/2008/2003/2000
Microsoft Windows® Small Business Server 2011/2008/2003 R2/2003

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