“We install it on our customers’ machines on a one year licence. We always say to customers that things change and you don’t want to be stuck with something you don’t want long-term.”

– Brenda Ford, Founder of Zoom Technologies
ico_l_info Zoom Technologies – Case Study (PDF, 199KB)

“Time and time again, we have found the ESET product
range comes out on top. It provides the level of comfort our clients’ demand. If there was a better product out there, we would be using it.”

– Jason Agnew, CEO of Belton IT Nexus Ltd, New Zealand
ico_l_info BELTON – Case Study (PDF, 149KB)


“Continuously, we are testing competitive solutions, some of which we had been running in the past. However, we stay loyal to ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition. Our experience with ESET far exceeds that of other security vendors,”

– Ing. Miroslav Dvořák, IT Security Systems Architect in Česká spořitelna, a member of Erste Group Bank
ico_l_info Erste Group Bank – Case Study (PDF, 0.9MB)



“ESET NOD32’s low system footprint, easy updates and effective malware detection could not be matched,”

– Marcelo Estevez, Telefónica de Argentina Project Leader
ico_l_info Telefonica – Case Study (PDF, 151KB)



“ESET delivers everything you need in an anti-malware package: great detection rates, small footprint and centralised management. This, combined with the expert support and training the company provides, makes ESET our chosen supplier for protecting our customers’ systems,”

– Andy Miller, Managing Director of Miller Solutions
ico_l_info Miller Solutions – Case Study (PDF, 0.9MB)

“We recommend ESET internet security and antivirus software for almost all our customers because it is best in class and we trust it to provide a layered security solution that safeguards data and protects against spam, viruses and other threats across all levels of the IT infrastructure.”

– Ken Davis, Executive Director, CodeBlue
ico_l_info CodeBlue – Case Study (PDF, 0.4MB)



“ESET has brought reliability and stability and therefore a great trust in the product to us and much peace of mind. And all of this for a price that is very cost-effective!”

– Eric Mattioni, IS Operations Manager
ico_l_info The Hospital Center of Luxembourg – Case Study (PDF, 508KB)



“With ESET, we have an easily manageable and effective protection against viruses,”

– Zsolt Csernák, CIO, Wizz Air Hungary
ico_l_info Wizz Air – Case Study (PDF, 508KB)

Retail & Groceries


“Since the installation of ESET, we’ve seen virtually no performance issues, and more CPU time is now available to applications and users on servers,”

– Christian Jandl, SPARSystems Engineer at SPAR
ico_l_info SPAR – Case Study (PDF, 508KB)



“The Remote Administrator Console made installing ESET over the network simple. The pre-defined policies enabled the set up to work ‘out of the box’, with only a few tweaks needed to reflect our network infrastructure and specific needs,”

– Gareth Lloyd, IT Manager in Magstim
ico_l_info Magstim – Case Study (PDF, 0.9MB)



“Every year, a growing number of departments turn to ESET. In fact, we are consistently increasing the number of licenses,”

– Iwona Gajda, IT Service Manager, Jagiellonian University
ico_l_info Jagiellonian University – Case Study (PDF, 848KB)

Public sector


“ESET has always had a very solid reputation, so we kind of expected easy install and configuration, and it turned out true,”

– Ana Paula Ruas, Head of Division, City Hall of Palmela
ico_l_info City Hall of Palmela – Case Study (PDF, 309KB)



“We consider securing mailboxes a standard service that comes with freemail. The users of workstations in our company network appreciate the fact that ESET Endpoint Security does not slow down the system. Our IT department greatly values the ESET Remote Administrator tool for remote installation and configuration,”

– Pavel Zima, CEO in
ico_l_info Seznam.CZ – Case Study (PDF, 309KB)

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